How Can You Use These Online Courses?

A2 Participants


Current participants can utilize courses to supplement the content they receive during sessions. Cohorts can also go through courses during a session or as an assignment in between sessions.

A2 Alumni


Asian Access Alumni can avoid spiritual plateau by continuing to learn and grow after graduating. These online courses will continue to stimulate your thinking so you can be a lifelong learner! And it will keep you engaged in A2.

LIVE Webinars


When A2 sessions cannot be held in person, sessions may be held online on Down the road, it’s possible that other online events may be live-streamed, as well. Stay tuned.

Gnowbe Micro-Learning

Asian Access also has been exploring micro-learning on Gnowbe, a new platform geared for mobile devices. There are a few groups using Gnowbe (PALD, A2 Missionaries in Japan, and A2/Japan’s U30/U40 cohorts).

Gnowbe is a SaaS tool (Software as a Service), focusing on reaching the learner through a convenient mobile platform. A few A2 cohorts leverage Gnowbe to supplement our core online courses on Check with your cohort leader to find out if they are using Gnowbe to deliver courses.