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01: Love Relationship with God, Part 1

Session 1:
Outcome #1: Nurturing a Love Relationship with God, Part 1

Rev. Adrian De Visser (Sri Lanka)

Because this clip is a sample lesson, it is an expanded introduction on the subject. So there is actually a little bit of overlap with the content that Pastor Adrian shared in Part 2 (clip 002.)

Key Scriptures
  • Matthew 22:37
  • Acts 4:1-22 (esp v. 13)
  • John 14:15
  • Revelation 2:2-5 (cf. Acts 18)
  • Isaiah 40:31

Reflection Questions for discussion

GROUPS: Discuss these questions in pairs.
INDIVIDUALS: Write down your responses.
  1. What impacted you from this message?
  2. In your ministry so far, what are specific ways in which you have you valued strategy over nurturing a love relationship with God?
  3. When have you experienced “drift” in your relationship with God? What can you do to avoid drift?
    • “When the breadth of your ministry increases, make sure the depth of your walk also increases proportionately.”

      — Stephen Olford

  4. What would observers of your ministry say that you emphasize as the key driver of your ministry success?
    • Wisdom and experience?
    • Education and knowledge?
    • Visionary thinking and faith?
    • Ministry skills and competence?
    • Ability to relate to others?
    • Something else?

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estimated time to complete: 35 mins
  • Video: 23:12
  • Discussion/Reflection: 12 minutes
Key Points in this Session
  • Why a love relationship with God is more essential than ministry strategy when it comes to being effective.
  • There are certain ministry drivers we exhibit; what are yours?
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