About A2 Leader

Addressing Three Problematic Challenges

Challenge 1: Creating space for ongoing transformation in your leadership

If you’re like most graduates, your A2 experience likely was transformational. But leaders need to keep growing or they soon become stagnant. As you may remember, “spiritual plateau” is one of the six barriers to “Finishing Well.” And…

We want you to finish well!

Challenge 2: Participants staying engaged between sessions

Current participants focus on training during the sessions. But what about between sessions, when the busyness of ministry tugs at them from all directions? They need to remain on-task of their own development. How do you do that when you only see each other every three months?

Challenge 3: Coronavirus Forcing Social Distancing

And now we all have a new challenge that keeps us from meeting face-to-face and meeting in small groups. How can Asian Access cohorts continue their training when we cannot meet together? This is posing a big problem.

Our Response: Providing access to resources that accelerate your leadership

To respond to each of these challenges, Asian Access is developing this private site, A2leader.net with A2 participants and alumni in mind. There will be access to a growing library of training videos and a place for interaction as you strive to be a life-long learner. We encourage you to create space in your life so that you can accelerate your leadership.

Initial Working Projects

Here are the first few projects we are working on:


Intro to 4 Outcomes of Asian Access (orientation series)
Adrian De Visser, VP for Partnership Development

Disciplemaking: How to be a disciple, then how to make them
Joe Handley, President & Mary Jo Wilson, VP for Missional Engagement

CHURCH track

Gospel as Communication
Takeshi Takazawa: Vice President for Innovative Initiatives

Four Conversions & Integration of Missiology
Dr. Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen: Professor of Systematic Theology, Fuller Seminary


Establishing a Sacred Pace for your Life & Business
Terry Looper, Founder & CEO of Texon LP

The Chick-fil-A Way
Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A


Re:Name – How to (Re)Name Your Ministry
Steve Brock: CEO, Brand:Wallop

How to Improve Your Video Storytelling
Jeff Johnston, VP for Advancement & Communications & Loren Roberts, Hearken Creative Services

Click a link and take a look… We hope to offer a way for A2 countries to upload video clips of their session teaching.

And feel free to leave comments to tell us how to improve the site.