The online network for learning and collaborating for A3 Leaders.

The global community for A3 Leaders

Learning & Collaborating Together is a safe place online to learn and work together as a community where we strive to:


>> be ALL IN with God
>> LIVE Community and
>> ACCELERATE leaders.

Promoting lifelong learning for A3 Leaders

Lifelong Learning for A3 Leaders is a private site for A3 participants, alumni, and staff, providing access to a growing library of online courses and a place for group interaction as we all strive to be lifelong learners. We encourage each of you to create space in your life so that you can accelerate your leadership.

You face challenges to be a lifelong learner. We all do.

Can you relate to these common challenges?

  • Difficulty creating space for ongoing transformation in your leadership
  • Helping others learn but neglecting your own ongoing development
  • A3 participants struggling to stay engaged with one another between sessions
  • Threats from coronavirus or persecution prohibit you from meeting in person
  • The busyness of everyday life in your family can distract you from seeing the big picture

This is where can help just a little bit…

How Can You Use These Online Courses?

A3 Participants


Current participants can utilize courses to supplement the content they receive during sessions. Cohorts can also go through courses during a session or as an assignment in between sessions.

A3 Alumni & Staff


A3 Alumni & Staff can avoid spiritual plateau by continuing to learn and grow. These online courses will continue to stimulate your thinking so you can be a lifelong learner! And it will keep you engaged in the community.

LIVE Webinars


When A3 sessions cannot be held in person, sessions may be held online on Down the road, it’s possible that other online events may be live-streamed, as well. Stay tuned.

Here are some courses that we encourage leaders to study.

10 Lessons

Four Outcomes of A3

These four outcomes comprise what we want to see in the life of every A2 Leader. Everyone should start with this course.

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11 Lessons

Establishing a Sacred Pace for your Business & Family

Hear Terry Looper give advice about pacing your life and business for long-term success.

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24 Lessons


Joe Handley & Mary Jo Wilson outline how to BE a disciple and then move outward toward making disciples. Before this course, you should take The Four Outcomes of Asian Access course.

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Numbers Snapshot




Faculty Instructors





Find connection & rootedness


Join groups for learning, working, alumni, or special interests

Whether you’re in a current A3 cohort or you’re an alumnus wanting to stay connected after graduation, we’ve got a group for you. We also have work teams for a task, plus groups just for fun. Check out all the various groups. Maybe even start your own…